Prueba de nivel de Inglés

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Peter_________  from England.


2. What’s _________ name?


3. My Brother _________ in Cambridge


4. Where ?


5. I _________ tea.


6. _________ to Canada, John?’ “Yes, five years ago.”


7. Toronto is _________ city I’ve ever lived in


8. An atheist is someone _________ doesn’t believe in God.


9. _________ these days.


10. I _________ to the disco this evening


11. I wish I _________more money!


12. _________ be president one day?


13. It’ s my wedding Anniversary _________ Saturday.


14. I _________ twenty five years old


15. I _________ a toothache


16. Do you _________ casual clothes at your office?


17. “What time is it?” “I have no _________.”


18. The daily menu was very cheap. Look at the _________!


19. How many _________ of shoes have you got?


20. Mary came back from her holiday in Spain looking really _________.


21. James can _________ French.


22. I’m not interested _________ football.


23. She likes _________ modern clothes


24. Charles _________ his mother’s bike when the accident ocurred.


25. I was wondering _________ tell me when the next plañe from Paris departs?


26. If I _________ her, I would have spoken to her, wouldn’t I?


27. I like your hair. Where _________?


28. I think William must _________ late tonight. His room light is still on.


29. Stephanie tells me Dianas’s dating Alexander,  _________ I find hard to believe.


30. What _________ this Christmas, Andrew?


31. The weather has been dreadful with drought. We’ve had very _________ rain this summer


32. Did you hear what happened to Elizabeth? She _________


33. I always _________ up at about 6.00 every morning


34. I _________ tennis every week.


35. My mother _________ the cleaning in our house.


36. Don’t forget to _________ the light when you enter the attic.


37. She was in _________ when she heard the devastating news.


38. She _________ that she hadn’t stolen the jewels, but no one believed her


39. Could you _________ me that DVD, please?


40. Carter is _________ a lot of time at Marys’s house these days!


41. Who _________ in that flat?


42. I´ll ring you when I _________ office.


43. If you _________ me, what would you do in this situation?


44. I don’t know where _________ last week


45. Jane and Petter are coming to visit us next week but I wish _________.


46. I’ m so thirsty! If only Eduard _________ all the drink in the fridge!


47. I regret _________ when I was twenty years old.


48. Surely Jamie _________ you if he was unhappy with your behaviour.


49. Our classmates aren’t very polite, and _________ particularly well mannered!


50. We had imagined that they  _________ fluent French, but in fact they didn’t.


51. I’d rather I _________ next month, but I do!


52. Julie is so knowledgeable. She can speak about _________ topic that comes up.


53. I never _________ sugar in my tea.


54. I _________ films every weekend.


55. Can you give me a _________ to work please.


56. Before you enter the marathon, please bear in _________ that you’re not so sporty as you used to be!


57. The drugs test showed he had consumed drugs, so the police arrested him for _________.


58. The conference was _________ and not very appealing.


59. After the film premiere, the main _________ point was its excessive use of violence.


60. There have been several huge _________ against the use of furcoats.